UniGePASS username and password

The digital identity consists of an identification code for the user recognition ("username" or "user name"), matched with a confidential keyword ("password") which is known only the user. These two data, paired together, form the UniGePASS access credentials ("account" or "user") as defined by the current legislation on personal data. The service receivers are listed in the UniGePass credentials policy coding document.

To obtain the UniGePASS credentials or update the contact details to recover the password, refer to these pages:


Informations for the newly hired


The password can be changed or recovered using the following pages:

Change the password Recover the password


Usernames can't be altered but they can be recovered at the same page above.

If the e-mail address or the mobile number destined for the credentials' recovery are outdated, no longer existing or otherwise invalid, you need to send an e-mail to the Service Desk by the address help@studenti.unige.it (if you are a student) or to assistenza@unige.it (if you are a staff member or a teacher) specifying your name, surname, matriculation number (if known), an italian mobile number or your personal e-mail address (which will be used to complete the recovery procedure), and attaching a copy of a valid identity document of yours.

The UniGePass credentials allow access to most of the university's IT services reserved for students, teachers or technical-administrative staff.

The authentication system is based on Single SignOn.

You can find a brief history of the UniGePASS system in the UniGe.life magazine.

Last update 14 March 2023