Unigepass username and password - Students

Who the service is for

The university of Genoa provides all its students enrolled in:

  •          Degree courses
  •          specializations or major courses
  •          post graduates courses
  •         training courses
  •     support courses
  •         courses for the acquisition of 24 CFU for teaching
  •         UNITE courses (University of the third age)

The student at the time of online pre-enroll if not already in possesion, receives a <Unigepass username> (usually matriculation number preceded by the letter "S" and instruction to set a  password

 How to get UniGePASS username and password

  • first enrolled in a University degree course: they received them in the registration procedure during prior-enrolled
  • Students from another university: they must register themselves in  prior enrolled and they will receive them
  • First confirm enrollment: they received them during prior enrollment registration procedure
  • Students coming from another university: During prior enrollment will receive them
  • Students coming from another course of this university: they already have UnigePASS credentials and shall use the same ones
  • Students who are to take State examinations to specific licence required by italian law and witout UnigePASS:use "User registration" in this page
  • All the forms of post graduate courses: use "user reguistrations" in this page

University Policy  about  UniGePASS (Official document)

It's possible to view the official document about the use, duration, deadline of Unigepass credentials at this page

How to change or recover your password

See this page: https://cedia.unige.it/unigepass

How to update or view your data available to complete change or recover of the password

Only the students can view or change the mobile number or personal forward email address to recover or change their password in this page: https://servizionline.unige.it/studenti/Anagraficaecarriera/modificaanagrafica

Staff or teacher can follow the instructions to recover password in this page: http://www.cedia.unige.it/en/unigepass

How to change personal mobile number or personal email to recover password

The students can request a new password:

  • contacting "Segreterie studenti", see this page.
  • contacting sportelli dello studente, see this page
  • contatcting Technical support, see the instruction at this page

The staff and the teachers can see this page

To view the details about services you can access with UnIGePASS, see this page

Last update 21 June 2022