Distance learning

To get started

CeDIA makes the Office365-UniGe applications available for teaching, complementing the tools already offered by Aulaweb..

The Office 365 tools can be used by students, teachers and staff tabs of the enabled roles but it is also possible to invite external staff.

  • Microsoft Teams is the main tool for these activities, it allows the sharing of files and folders, video and audio conference, meetings, desktop sharing and applications for up to 500 participants.
  • Microsoft Stream in activation for larger classes of up to 100,000 participants.



General guidelines

Guide to register and get your first access to Office 365
To register and install Office 365 Start here
The Office365 general assistance page is available at this link.

Miniguide Quick start


Mini-guide Italiano English 


Mini-guide Italiano English

Before the video lesson


Mass enrollment of students in an Aulaweb course Aulaweb 
Create a Team PDF 
Add members to a team PDF 
Add guest members to a team PDF 
Add students to a team PDF 
Comunicate team code  PDF 
Frequently asked question about Office 365 registration PDF 
Most frequently asked question about Ms Teams PDF 
Tutorial Office 365 Youtube chanel


Join a team - PDF 
Frequently asked question about Office 365 registration PDF 
Most frequently asked question about Ms Teams PDF 

External users (guest)

What an external users/guest must do to access a Team PDF

Video lesson tutorial


Start a meeting (or a distance lesson)  PDF 
Record and manage a meeting (or lesson)  PDF 
Sharing System audio  - PDF 
Mute members/student in a lesson - PDF 
Using chat - PDF 
Access to WhiteBoard - PDF

Share traditional blackboard PDF 
Share a video from PC or YouTube during a video lesson Link Aulaweb 
Assign and take control when sharing a content Link Aulaweb 
Tool instant poll Office 365 Link aulaweb
Guidelines Wooclap Aulaweb 
Upload videos and share them with students Link Aulaweb
Working  on a  documents PDF
Sharing of documents  PDF 
Synchronization of documents    PDF 
Notepad guidelines Link Aulaweb


Using chat - PDF 
Notepad guidelines Link Aulaweb



Guida esami docenti PDF 
Creazione di quiz su AulaWeb Link Aulaweb 
Gestione esami a distanza Canale Youtube 
Preparazione dei quiz Youtube


Guida esami studenti PDF 
Linee guida per esami Aulaweb 
Miniguida per la scansione di un documento cartaceo PDF


Glossario delle metodologie AulaWeb 
Predisposizione del test AulaWeb
Personalizzazione del quiz AulaWeb
gestione degli studenti durante la seduta d’esame:
Gestione dei gruppi AulaWeb
Svolgimento del test AulaWeb 

Last update 14 February 2023