Email settings for Unige account in MS Outlook

Click file, and then "account settings".



Click "New"

In the following window fill in all the fields as below


  • Name is your name.  This is the sender name. For example John Smith
  • Email address. Is your unige mail address. For example or You must choose one of your aliases. This is the sender email address.
  • Password is your Unigepass password

Click "Manually configure server settings or additional server types" and "POP or IMAP" in the next window


Choose Account type pop for personal email if you want to backup your email in your computer and leave on the server only the email receives in the last days (14 days by default)

imap to operate directly on the server

Click More settings.. on the right

Click Outgoing server tab, click "my outgoing server requires authentication" and insert UniGePASS username and password

Click advances tab and fill in

  • If the server is pop in ingoing server insert 995 in ingoing server SSL and 587 TLS in outgoing server, if is imap insert 993 SSL in ingoing server and 587 TLS in outgoing server

Confirm by clicking ok

Last update 15 July 2022