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Activation from abroad
For activations from abroad, the customer must follow the following instructions:
2) Select the activation mode "with one-shot code"
3) Enter the tax code and the one-shot code received by sms
4) After entering the required data, press the "Continue" button
5) If the data entered are correct, the Contract that the Data Controller is required to digitally sign and the link for downloading the secret envelope containing the personal codes will be displayed.
6) Once you have downloaded and saved the pdf with the codes you will have to stop. The certificate will then be issued but in an "inactive" state. Attached to the email, you will find the form with the conditions of use to be filled in and signed which must be returned in response to this email.
As soon as the Certification Authority receive the form back, it will proceed immediately to the final activation.   
Ultimo aggiornamento 27 Luglio 2021